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  • I have had the pleasure of knowing Patty for 15 years. I watched her develop her skills and abilities to this high level over several years. When my mother passed in 2021, Patty was a source of comfort and awe to me as my mom would send messages to me using Patty as the messenger. She would tell me things I was wondering about, answers to questions I had about my mom or family that I had not expressed to her or anyone so I knew it was coming from my mom. Patty taught me to see and trust the signs and interpret them myself. I also made actual appointments with Patty for tarot card readings where I was given the guidance I knew I needed. She tapped into my past lives which explained some of my fears, feelings, and relationships. Beyond her talents, Patty is kind, empathic, loving, understanding, and welcoming which makes others open up to her easily.